Automatic slug for page bundle

This is my first time using page bundle and its quite fun so far, but I have a little trouble to make the slug value automaticly. Since the content name become, {{ .BaseFileName }} will not suitable anymore. Is it possible to create slug value automaticly in frontmatter for page bundle?

I’ve also been looking into this. It seems that .Slug does not contain the value set by a leaf Page Bundle’s folder name.

Also I’ve opened this Github issue about extracting the Date and Slug from a leaf Page Bundle folder name:

It would be cool to set page titles and dates automatically.

I just checked what happens if one sets slug in the front matter of a leaf bundle

The slug becomes /leaf-bundle-folder-name/front-matter-slug/ and not /front-matter-slug/

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Glad to know I’m not the only person who look into this. hope this ability will available for the next version. and thank you for opening the issue :slightly_smiling_face: