Layouts - single.html is ignored (compose theme)


for the content “content/abc/” I created at the directory “layouts/abc/” a single.html and a list.html. Both starts with a {{ define “main” }} block (position at template). Both files are copyed from the exampleSite of the theme. At the single.html I add (for testing) “123” to the heading line h1 (single.html). But the rendered result of hugo, the head line does not contain 123 or any other changes. Only I remove the {{ define main }}, the rendering results are changed.

What goes wrong?

theme: onweru/compose/
hugo version: v0.116.1+extended

Ok, it seems german letters like ü. ö, ä, … in the markdown-file are the problem. How can I write these letters in the markdown-file and handle to create html output?

Äüö etc are not a problem in Markdown. I use them all the time.

Your chances to receive help here are better off you post a link to your repository so that people can see what’s going on.