Layout for subdirectory in section

So, I’m still tinkering with the theme (dubbed GridSide) that will be powering my own personal site and noticed that the default list layout is not being applied to subdirectories within a section.

In other words, I have a layout in layouts/_default/list.html and am trying to access a listing for the subsection in content/post/test1/ (where test1 is a directory containing some posts). Visiting http://localhost:1313/post/ after running hugo server yields a page with my list layout applied. Visiting http://localhost:1313/post/test1/ shows a page with raw links to the individual content.

I’d post pictures, but new users aren’t allowed to do that.

So, am I missing something? Is there some disclaimer about subsection pages?

Subsection doesn’t exist in Hugo.

Is there a reason that a page is generated at all, then? I would prefer a 404 than a page that I cannot control. Or (and I’ll test this later), am I able to create a layout specifically for a directory in a section?

I don’t understand your follow up question. As there are no concept of sub-sections there is no support for layouts in sub-sections (which doesn’t exist).

Ignore my follow up question.