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Hello, I’m really happy with Hugo which I’m hosting on Netlify through Github. I now need to share 600+ PDFs totaling 14 GB. That amount of binary files is not suitable for the github repo. I like the sound of Netlify LFS as they would be behind the same access as the rest of the site for future sharing, etc. Netlify LFS seems more complicated (and irreversible) than I would like it to be. Any simpler hosting option for files? What are my other options? Thanks for any tips!

Hi @trebornilis ,

If your PDF files are not copyrighted, this project may answer your needs: is “an experiment bringing together Hugo and Internet Archive to provide a rock solid, lightweight and ethical solution to serve files.” The focus is now on audio files, but Videos and PDF files are also supported / Unlimited storage and bandwidth / OCR etc.

Note that Internet Archive promotes alternatives to traditional copyright and only supports the following licenses:

Another user on this forum, @arky, works on a related project, I have not much details though. See this thread: Using Unmarshal to parse nested JSON


From a general management standpoint. It is better to storage these files in a cloud storage would be recommended. You can dynamically build pages by calling an API with a key.


I’d just throw them in an Amazon S3 bucket. Fast, practical, cheap.

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Any CDN can take care of your storage requirements. What you most probably are asking is how to integrate that into your website. I see some things missing in the answers, so here some hints:

  • Data files. You could have a simple JSON or YAML file containing the links to your PDF files (stored on AWS, Dropbox, Google Drive, Anywhere with a public URL) and a slug/name for the file, then create a shortcode to link to those files.
  • If you have more complicated restrictions to the “forward link” of the download, you could look into getRemote as a function.
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