Where can I host my hugo website for free any ideas?

where can I host my hugo website(consists of md files and this is my first hugo experience) for free any ideas?

I’ve been using Netlify for years—it’s great.

the size of my file is 4gb .Can you please tell me if this will support my 4gb hugo website?

Thank you for your reply

There are a lot of platforms provide static site hosting for free.

  • Cloudflare Pages
  • GitHub Pages
  • Netlify
  • Others…

I’d recommend Cloudflare Pages if number of files aren’t large than 20k, it doesn’t has bandwidth limit.

Thank you for your reply but my file is 4gb so can you please suggest a platform that will support this?

Why is your site 4GB?

Could you move some of your large binary files to another hosting provider? (I have a site that serves a podcast—all the MP3 files are on Backblaze.)

I’m sorry I’m afraid I can’t do that…Is there any other possibility?

Gitlab Pages are also fine. But for the 4GB requirement I guess we would need some details to point you to the right solution.
Some ideas:

  • Which format / kind of files?
  • How many download are expected / month?
  • Private / public files?

Your build output is 4Gb? Why?