Lang not respected because url?

hello i have the file like

in the file the url is get like url : bla-bla-bla

the expectation for the final render is to be

but for some odd reason is

so i need to add es into url : bla-bla-bla to be url : es/bla-bla-bla ?

It seems that you are using a forward slash at the beginning of the url like so: /bla-bla-bla

Either eliminate the forward slash like so: bla-bla-bla or provide the language prefix like so: /es/bla-bla-bla

Note that the above applies in Hugo versions 0.55.0 and above.

Also see the documentation about URL Management | Hugo

i dont use that

can this be a issue if netlify renders the site? i made another test on local and i dont have this on local only on netlify

What version of Hugo are you using to deploy the website on Netlify?

What happens when you use slug instead of url in your frontmatter and only the bla-bla-bla as value?

i get the same

i used this template GitLab Pages examples / nfhugo ยท GitLab

bingo i had to set HUGO_VERSION 0.81.0 and is solved

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