Landing-page URL without language-code

On my (multilingual) website I have a landing-page which is reacheable under

I would like to make it available under

Any idea how to configure this?


You can configure your default language, which will then render under /:

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Thats a good workaround, but landingpages exist not only for the default language but also other languages. How to deal with that?

Well, / can’t both be en and de, for example.

I want this only for pages of a special folder to be rendered into /. The slugs will be unique for all languages. Any suggestions?

Could you post a map to show what pages should render to what url? Better yet, do you have a sample repo to show what you are trying to do?

I organized my content in the following directory-structure within content:

  • en
    ** articles
    *** some-content
    ** landingpages
    *** campaign
  • de
    ** articles
    *** ein-inhalt
    ** landingpages
    *** kampagne
  • fr
    ** articles
    *** un-contenu
    ** landingpages
    *** campagne

The URLs render nicely in the following permalinks:

But I would like it to be rendered like the following:

I thought permalink in the frontmatter should do it. But it doesn’t.

You could try defining aliases:

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Awesome, @pointyfar. It works!