Landing page no longer shows latest posts

I use the Mainroad theme. It works nicely but I recently realized that, unexpectedly, the landing page no longer displays the latest posts, but a link to the Posts. This is the web

Any idea? What information do you require to evaluate this situation?

I add here my config.toml content:

baseurl = ""
title = "analizaR"
languageCode = "es-es"
paginate = "10" # Number of posts per page
theme = "Mainroad"
disqusShortname = "vivaelsoftwarelibre" # Enable comments by entering your Disqus shortname
#googleAnalytics = "UA-73804952-1" # Enable Google Analytics by enteringyour tracking id
relativeURLs = true
uglyURLs = true
enableRobotsTXT = true
canonifyURLs = true

  name = "Mario Modesto Mata"
  bio = "Biólogo y Paleoantropólogo. Apasionado de la Estadística y de la programación en R. Si queréis saber más, visitad  mi web []("
  avatar = "img/avatar.jpg"

  subtitle = "Desarrollando nuestra pasión por el Análisis de Datos en R" # Subtitle of your site
  description = "Ciencia de datos con R" # Description of your site
  opengraph = true
  twitter_cards = false
  readmore = true # Show "Read more" button in list if true
  authorbox = true
  post_navigation = true
  postSections = ["post"]
  siteBanner = "img/analizaR_logo.png"

  home = "right"   # Configure layout for home page
  list = "right"   # Configure layout for list pages
  single = "right" # Configure layout for single pages
  # Enable widgets in given order
  widgets = ["search", "recent", "categories", "taglist"]

  recent_num = 5 # Set the number of articles in the "Recent articles" widget
  tags_counter = true # Enable counter for each tag in "Tags" widget (disabled by default)


    identifier = "ciencia_datos"
    name = "Ciencia de datos"
    pre = "<i class='fa fa-heart'></i>"
    url = "/Ciencia_Datos_R/index.html"
    weight = -110


There was a breaking change recently. This may be the reason:

home.Pages now behaves like all the other sections, see #6240. If you want to list all the regular pages, use .Site.RegularPages .

Where should I edit to implement .Site.RegularPages?

The Mainroad theme has been updated in its master branch for this issue.

You need to pull the latest updates.


Done and it works nicely. I need to edit some of the layouts but now it works.