Keeping a Pull updated

Hello guys.

Quick question. After the pull has been submitted… Do I keep the pull updated? Push master into it? Or just when there would be a conflict after an update? As I see that pulls tend to live long and not get merged for a while, until everything is checked, I’m guessing that it could happen that a pull gets out of date.

So, do I keep merging master into it? Or just leave it…?

BTW. I know about this guide =>

And saw Bep’s guide to his workflow as well =>


  1. Always do pull requests from a branch
  2. When changed, commit to that same branch, then do a push to your repo. The PR will be updated.
  3. If you want to squash commits etc. or replace the commit, do a rebase -i or amend …then do a push -f (force) of your branch to your repo.

In the tips section, there is a thread started by me that lists my super-fast workflow.

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Cheers. Yeah, I saw that one, thanks! :slight_smile:

Also doing a git pull --rebase will apply your changes on top of the latest master which will aid in merging and conflict resolution. If it’s been a while, it’s a very helpful thing for the maintainers.

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