Just to show how easy and versatile HUGO really is

Some of you have seen The Free Bundle. The website was a long single page website. It had sections and a specific folder architecture that would have been a nightmare to migrate to another format if done in, say, another CMS like Wordpress.

Well, in just under a week the page went from being a single page website, to being a Newsletter magazine, sections and all.

This is what the old single page website looked like:

To be honest, I liked the design a lot. But people was complaining it was too much text to read for them (?). It seems no one reads nowadays…

Anyway, we decided to give this other format a go.

Here’s how it looks now:

See that? Done in just 24hs. What? Yeah! 24hs! The rest of the time I spent figuring things out and planning to do it (took me about a week or so). How cool is that?

For those who visited the site before, knowing it changed this much in just under a week might come as a surprise to you, but it is really this simple to do big changes to a design with Hugo.

All I had to do was move folders around, change some taxonomy options under the config.toml and voila, a whole new site out of the ashes of the previous one.

Just one more way in which HUGO keeps surprising me and possibly you as well.

Hugo. Rebuild an entire website in less than 24hs. If an total incompetent coder like me can do this, so can you.

All I know is that TheFreeBundle.com never looked better thanks to Hugo.