Just a simple theme - virgo : )

Last year, I migrate my blog to hugo from org mode.

In the beginning, I tried to create a simple but multifunctional theme, which should include:

  • light/dark mode;
  • effiective local search;
  • adapted to multi-ends;
  • i18n;
  • highly customizable, etc.

And it is the origin edtion - GitHub - loveminimal/hugo-theme-virgo at v1.0.0 . Here is a Origin Edtion Demo .

But then I find that maybe it is too heavy. Acturally, I just want a tiny and effiective theme, so I simplify it, remove some unused features like light/dark mode, local search, and re-style some pages.

Finally, it comes to be a new edtion - GitHub - loveminimal/hugo-theme-virgo: A simple and pure theme. . Of course, you can explore it at New Edtion Demo .

Welcome to enjoy it : )