JSBuild: Could not resolve "util"

Any idea why the following code doesn’t work if I do not write the full dependency path?
Also, why the named import doesn’t work?

source file

// import faunadb, { query as q } from "faunadb"
// console.log(q)
// > JSBUILD: failed to transform "scripts/fauna.js" (application/javascript): Could not resolve "util"

// import faunadb, { query as q } from "../../node_modules/faunadb/dist/faunadb-min.js"
// console.log(q)
// > Uncaught ReferenceError: q is not defined

import faunadb, { query } from "../../node_modules/faunadb/dist/faunadb-min.js"
q = query
// > OK

Any idea on this please?

This is an educated guess, at best…

  1. See https://github.com/evanw/esbuild/issues/193

  2. Change assets/scripts/fauna.js to:

    import faunadb, { query as q } from "faunadb"
  3. Change layouts/partials/scripts.html from:

    {{ $fauna := resources.Get "scripts/fauna.js" | js.Build }}


    {{ $opts := dict "externals" (slice "util" "http" "https") }}
    {{ $fauna := resources.Get "scripts/fauna.js" | js.Build $opts }}
  4. Test everything thoroughly to make sure there are no unintended consequences.

I believe the effect of #3 is the same as placing the following in the project’s package.json:

"browser": {
  "util": false,
  "http": false,
  "https": false

Thanks for helping.

Then the error disappears but faunadb/q are still not defined.

With the package.json alternative, I’ve got this error:
Uncaught TypeError: util.inherits is not a function

Like I said, “an educated guess, at best.” You might consider raising the issue in the esbuild issue queue. I suspect the problem is related to how faunadb is packaged, but I don’t have enough experience in this context to be sure.

Ok will do that, thanks!