Importing from node_modules with js.Build

Now that Hugo Pipes has JavaScript building via ESBuild, I’m wondering:

Is it possible, using js.Build in templates and import in JavaScript, to load js modules directly from node_modules?


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Answering to myself: yes, it’s possible! Path is relative to JS file, e.g.:


import Fuse from "../../node_modules/fuse.js/dist/fuse.basic.esm.min.js";
import Mark from "../../node_modules/mark.js/dist/mark.es6.min.js";
const fuse = new Fuse();


{{- $search := resources.Get "js/search.js" | js.Build (dict "minify" true "target" "es2015") | fingerprint -}}

All imports work perfectly, and the JS bundling is incredible fast (especially if compared with e.g. Babel)!

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t get moment.js to work with any locale via import, but this is not a Hugo problem, anyway.)

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import Fuse from "fuse"

Should work and would be more portable. Note that there are some path issues that we intend to fix (esp. when you’re using themes/theme components).

But I agree, it’s incredibly fast and cool.


Thank you, @bep, for the explanation and for Hugo!

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By the way, the method suggested by @bep happens to make moment.js work with locales:

import moment from "moment";
import "moment/locale/pt-br";
moment.locale("pt-BR"); /* or moment.locale(document.querySelector("html").lang); */
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