Iterate thru all assets across multiple list pages

Hello! I have a custom template with a few small issues.
The dev who built the template did a great job but unfortunately has dropped out of communication.
I’m not a Hugo expert but I have a good grasp of html and I’m not afraid of the command line.

So, here’s my portfolio site.
You’ll see that the art section has a couple dozen list pages.
If you click on one of the thumbnail images, it opens a photoswipe.js lightbox with navigation arrows linked to next & previous image.
Right now the nav arrows iterate through the ≤9 images on the list page. I would like them to instead iterate through all the art assets (~250 and growing). The oldest one should loop back to the newest.
I’d like the single art pages to also have this same navigation functionality. (Right now clicking on the thumbnail of each image brings up the lightbox, and clicking on its title gets you to the single page. This is fine.)
Extra bonus request: how do I put the title, medium, and date (year only) in an overlay on the lightbox?
Hope this makes sense, happy to share the repo privately if you think you might know what’s going on!
Thanks in advance.

All assets are already in the photoswipe nav for both list and single pages.

Same for other issues.

It seems the issues are already resolved.

Yes I got hold of the original dev and they fixed it!

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