Issues for displaying tags and icons of socials media with `hello-4s3ti theme`

Hi, I’m working to make a blog with the mentioned theme in the title, but i have two problems

  1. I can’t display tags of my post
  2. Socials media icons doesn’t render

Example site of the author: When concurrency might actually hurt performance! ::
My code source: GitHub - TounSec/TounSec-blog

If someone have a solution this is welcome.
Thanks in advance.


tag: "Hardware"


tags: ["Hardware"]

The key is plural, and the value is an array.

Thanks for your response, and yes I saw that from the example of the site, I made the modifications, my tags are displayed well on the post but not in home.
For the socials media icons I very don’t know where is the problem.


You need to do this in your site configuration:

tags =  true

You need to follow these directions:

Your site configuration currently contains this…

KitURL = ""

…which obviously isn’t going to work.

Thank you so much ! :star_struck:

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