Issue with hugo-clarity rendering properly on Windows 10 but not Ubuntu


I’ve been lightly using hugo for some time now but recently am trying to get my setup mirrored between an Ubuntu machine and a Windows 10 machine. I’m using the hugo-clarity theme and my live site is at

My issue currently is that running ‘hugo server -D’ on my linux machine works well - I can go to localhost:1313 in browser (Brave) and have no issue. On Windows 10, the theme does not load properly and I get a very ugly output (attached)

On linux I have hugo v0.88.1 linux/amd64 BuildDate=2021-09-04T13:52:29Z
On windows I have hugo v0.88.1-5BC54738 windows/amd64 BuildDate=2021-09-04T09:39:19Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

Previously on linux I had a similar issue that was resolved by changing my baseurl to “/” in config.toml

Is this something similar? Is there a value that will work for development server on both windows and linux and not need to be changed when building for deployment?

The source files I’ve synchronized between the two, and I’ve confirmed that the hugo-clarity repository actually made it into the local files on the new windows setup.

On Windows, open the browser’s dev tools and examine the 404 errors.

Thank you.

Aside from a 404 for a small android .png, I think the issue is to do with synchronizing through github changing line endings and breaking the integrity parameter for loading the css. I’ll experiment with setting git attributes and re-cloning to see if I can make this work.