Issue deploying Puppet theme to Github pages - no css or images, working locally

Source code repository:

  • I am trying to deploy a hugo site using Puppet theme on GitHub pages using the template hugo deployment on Github actions. The site works fine locally but the hosted version (link here) has no working css or images.
  • The public/ directory seems to be working as I would have expected with all the css and images in the right folders so I would have expected this to be working.
  • I can also find the css file using the url so the webpage is looking in the right place.

I am struggling to understand how to fix this and would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks for your time!

You are serving your site from a subdirectory:

baseURL = ""

The Puppet theme does not behave properly when the site is served from a subdirectory. Here’s why:

It looks like you worked around this deficiency by setting canonifyURLs = true in your site configuration. Although this provides the results you desire, it can have some unexpected consequences. See this description of how canonifyURLs works.

I suggest you raise an issue with the theme author.

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Thanks @jmooring, I really appreciate you looking into this. I have raised an issue with the theme author.

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