Issue building site on gitlab pages


I tried to create my page following the guide in here but, my build fails with this error:

Error: Error building site: No source directory found, expecting to find it at /builds/jlozada2426/project/content

I’m using this template

Need more to go on to offer real help. Is the repo public?

I only see a blank project with no files or dirs at that link.

I followed the instructions of doing with gitlab and it mentioned to put /public/ in git.ignore. I think there was a problem with gitlab or the docker image because it was not building correctly at first and now it does. Now I get a 404 from gitlab pages. A better result though!

hi, had the same problem today.
followed this post here:

and it helped.

i had to create a new markdown file. and the posts needed to be posts with an ‘s’
i had post (no s) earlier and it didn’t work.

hugo is a bit smarter than hugo on gitlab i think.
hopes this helps you and whoever else that came along.