IsHome function doesn't work on deployed site

I wanted to load a partial in my footer on all pages except the home page so in footer.html I did:

{{ if not .IsHome }}
  {{ partial "footer-top.html" . }}
{{ end }}

Worked fine on localhost. After deploying to Netlify, footer-top.html shows up on the home page.

I changed BaseURL in hugo.toml from / to Netlify’s provided URL – didn’t work.

Noticed that in my netlify.toml Go version is a bit behind my local version. Updated – didn’t work.

Checked the logs on Netlify – looked fine (to me).

Deployed to a different service – same problem, so it’s not Netlify.

Tried printing:

<div>Current page URL: {{ .URL }}</div>


<div>Current page Permalink: {{ .Permalink }}</div>

Which returned nothing (both on local and remote server). BTW .URL returned an error on internal page but not on the home page.

At this point I thought I’d run a conditional on the front matter instead of IsHome. In (content/english) I added:

hideFooterTop: true

and in my footer.html:

{{ if not .Params.hideFooterTop }}
  {{ partial "footer-top.html" . }}
{{ end }}

This, again, worked on the localhost but not when deployed to a remote host.

Any idea what is going on?

Without access to repo, live site, and potentially Netlify logs? No.