Deploying on Vercel makes header and footer from baseof go away

This is my repo: GitHub - itymarcel/2021portfolio

I’m new to hugo and just figuring it out. The repo runs successfully on my local machine, but as soon as I’m deploying it to Vercel, the header and footer, added in the baseof.html, are gone.

{{ block "finjiheader" . }}{{ end }}
{{ block "main" . }}{{ end }}
{{ block "finjifooter" . }}{{ end }}

This is in the baseof.html and vercel just renders the main. ( )

Thanks for your help!

partials do not need define and block. We can call partials with the partial statement.

I have no idea about the difference of your local machine and vercel. But you can delete public under Git control. Please add public to .gitignore. It may be the reason for this.

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The way I included the partial was the problem.
{{ partial “finjifooter.html” . }} helped.

Thank you!

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