Is there no mention of ".Resource.Get" for Page Bundles in the Docs?

After scouring the docs, it seems there is no mention at all of the method .Resource.Get which is used for Page Bundles. There are references to similar methods in Image Processing, Page Bundles, Page Resources, and Huge Pipes.

It’s crazy that information is spread so far a wide but crazier that such a common method doesn’t even exist in the docs, or am I just missing it? (Please tell me I’m missing it).

.Resource.ByType is self-evidently unique, and .Resource.Match & .Resource.GetMatch are seemingly well explained in the Page Resources page, but how is .Resource.Get different or similar to them?

Get, GetRemote, GetMatch and Match are explained at the top.

Ahhh thank you. I did miss it. Yea I guess it does the same thing but in a different scope. Thank you


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