Is there any way to get parameters from shortcode into head partial?

I’m thinking of ways to implement a structured video object in the page head. Videos are inserted with a shortcode. Is there any way to get shortcode parameters, like video source and title, into a head partial? Or is putting it in the frontmatter the only option?

Trying to understand your problem. Does this sound right?

  • User can insert video into content by using shortcode
  • Shortcode params are at least: video source, title
  • If this shortcode exists, you would like to run some logic in the head partial based off the shortcode params

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Iterate over the shortcodes. So if two video shortcodes, then two structured objects in the head. Each with parameters from the respective shortcode.

Got it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to solve it like that.

But, you could have a front matter param, that is an array of objects. Each object would have the video info. Then in your head, iterate this param and do your work as needed.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. Just curious if there was another way. Thanks for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

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{{< video
    description="This is Video A."

{{< video
    description="This is Video B."


{{ $id := printf "%04d" (add .Ordinal 1) }}
{{ $map := merge .Params (dict "id" $id) }}
{{ .Page.Scratch.SetInMap "videos" $id $map }}
<video id="{{ $id }}" width="{{ .Get `width` }}" height="{{ .Get `height` }}" controls>
  <source src="{{ .Get `src` }}" type="{{ .Get `type` }}">


{{ $noop := .Content }}
{{ $videos := .Scratch.GetSortedMapValues "videos" }}

{{ range $videos }}
  {{ range $k, $v := . }}
    {{ printf "%s = %s" $k $v }}<br>
  {{ end }}<br>
{{ end }}

Sometimes there’s some concurrency weirdness if you update the templates while running hugo server. So if you modify either the shortcode or the partial, restart hugo server.


@jmooring Oh that’s cool. Didn’t know you could share Scratch context like that. :slight_smile:

Am assuming the tool is smart enough to handle the render “re-ordering / constraining” behind the scenes. But have not looked for myself to confirm.

That’s the reason for the {{ $noop := .Content }} statement before accessing the scratch. But like I said, there still appear to be some concurrency issues if you modify a template while running hugo server, perhaps related to:

Ah, good to know, thx.

Ooh, this is cool. I’ll definitely try this out. Thanks :slight_smile:

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