Is there a way to automate your publishing process?

Hi, I know it goes beyond what Hugo is supposed to offer but I need a solution to publish my blog posts on social media channels. The idea goal would be to publish posts on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and witter leading to my blog that has the purpose to collect email addresses for an email list, to promote some personal things and also share some affiliate links. So the idea is to generate traffic with social media that goes to my blog. For that I need to share the content I create on my blog to social media. Sure, manually is away but it takes time, would be great to have it some systematic.

Does anyone know how this could go?

take a look at - you can create utilities that respond to new items in your site’s RSS feed, and can then cross-post to other places (like Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Doesn’t rely on anything specific in Hugo, and works for anything that can generate RSS.

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