Is there a proper way to replace Chroma with Prism highlighting?

I want to replace Chroma highlighting with Prism. Having looked around on the net, I came stumbled upon this post

that suggests to set codeFences to false. However, if I do that, I can’t pass class="line-numbers" as an attribute to the code fence – that is, I can pass it, but it does not appear in the rendered HTML.

OTOH, if I turn on codeFences, the rendered HTML contains an inline style for the pre element that I not only do not want but also can’t really influence. I guess it comes from Chroma?

So, is there a recommended way to replace Chroma with Prism for highlighting while retaining the attributes passed to the code block?

try to change the style

Use codeblock render hooks:


git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-38309 hugo-forum-topic-38309
cd hugo-forum-topic-38309
hugo server

Files of interest

  • layouts/_default/_markup/render-codeblock.html
  • layouts/_default/baseof.html

Note that nothing special is required in site configuration.

CSS and JS

Instead of linking to a bunch of separate CSS/JS files via CDN, you could consolidate and host locally using:


```bash {class="line-numbers" data-start="4" data-line="4-5,7"}
declare foo=bar
if [[ "${foo}" == "bar" ]]; then
  echo "${foo}"
exit 0

If you have existing markdown with Chroma attributes…

You could add some logic to the code block render hook to translate Chroma attributes to Prism attribues. For example:

Chroma Prism
linenos=true class="line-numbers"
lineNoStart=4 data-start="4"

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