Is there a Hugo theme without attribution or with purchase option?


does anyone know of a Hugo theme that either requires no attribution in the footer or where a license can be purchased with a one time fee to remove attribution?

I’d like to use Hugo for a website for a customer of mine, but since it’s a site for his business, he’s not cool with having an attribution/link to a third party sitting in the footer.

I was not able to find a Hugo theme yet where either no attribution is required, or where it’s possible to pay a fee to remove it, like with many other HTML or Wordpress themes.

I’ll be doing extensive customization anyway so I don’t care too much how it looks, but I’d just like to have a theme for some base structure and responsive layout to work with, instead of starting from scratch.

Does anyone know of a theme like that?

Thank you!

You don’t have to include it in the footer. AFAIK, it’s an open source project with an Apache license. Take a peek here.

I have all my sites in Hugo and I don’t display that anywhere other than because there I want to.

Thanks for your response.
I’m not talking about Hugo though, but about the Themes available at
They have different licences and require attribution/credit if used to build a site. That’s why im searching for one that doesn’t do so or can be paid to remove attribution …

  • Most of the the theme’s licenses does not require any attribution (it is probably appreciated) to use the theme.
  • If you, however, want to modify the theme (i.e. make a theme based on another), you must give attribution in the code/GitHub source.

As @bep said, the licensing for Hugo themes usually means that any derivative code needs to provide attribution to the original project, but most themes do not require any attribution. Some will automatically add it to the footer of generated sites, but that is easily removed from the code, which you can do in your local copy or in a forked version of the theme.

My own theme does not have any footer attributions, though I’ve considered adding one (with the option to remove it, of course). It’s a bit of a balance between spreading your “brand” and not annoying the person making the website, as I see it.

Thanks @bep and @Shadow53!
I may have understood the license text differently then, since the last theme I used explicitly asked to not remove the footer credit. But that’s great then =).
Thanks for your help!