Is it possible to load img from other cloud storage?

Is it possible to upload images for posts from other cloud storages? The site on Hugo will only have text files, and the images will be loaded on the client from another cloud storage. This is because, as I noticed, when I do resources.GetRemote , the image still gets uploaded to the project’s site. Due to the intensity of the upcoming updates, I would like to separate Hugo as a page generator and article renderer, and host images in another cloud storage. Is such a thing possible?

It depends on your storage provider if the provide links to download without credentials.
Then u just use that url in the img tag as src.

I wanted to host images on Cloudflare through GitLab. It seems they might be blocking crossorigin, I’m not sure, but none of the images are loading. Maybe I should use another free host with api. Does anyone have experience to suggest?

I found interesting resource
13 Best Paid & Free Image Hosting Sites in 2024 (Updated) (
And api from is ease to use with pipeline. It return a link an image with json response
Imgur API

"is_ad": false,
"nsfw": null,
 "link": "",
 "tags": [],
 "datetime": 1716501157,

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