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Hi everyone ! I just deployed my new Hugo page. But I suddenly discovered a problem: the photos are not displayed (I used folder 1337 as an example, I moved the other photo folders out).I checked the path of both the logo and the avatar (don’t pay attention to the path because I did it to see if it worked), but they still don’t work… Here is the link to my repository. Can anyone help me fix this error? Sorry for bothering you and thank you everyone.


Sorry my bad, sir . This is my repo link: GitHub - cozy04/cozy04: Sorry so much.

I’ve encountered blocking, especially cloudflare

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You are serving your site from a subdirectory, so this will never work:


You would have to change it to something like:


If I were you I would contact the theme author for guidance. They’ve implemented link and image render hooks that are expecting images to be in certain places.

Also, set your baseURL to the production URL:

baseURL = ''
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I have fixed them. Thank you very much, sir!

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