Is it possible to define custom paths for categories (taxonomy items)?

Hi! I’m trying to migrate from Drupal to Hugo. One problem left: I’d like to keep taxonomy paths intact. Right now, Drupal is transliterating my tags and has custom paths for categories, and I want to keep these names. That’s what I use:

  tag = "tags"
  category = "categories"

So, for example, I have a category “Life”, and I can see the posts in that category under /categories/life/ , but I want to have a path /l/. Or, with tags: I have tag "Москва" which is transliteraded to "moskva" by drupal. So right now Drupal’s path is /tags/moskva, and if I use the same tag in Hugo, the path is /tags/Москва. I’d like to change that behaviour. Is it possible? (My best bet is now using nginx to make permanent redirects, but it’s best if Hugo will be configured to mimic the current Drupal’s behaviour).