Is it possible to combine hugo with other sites

I setup hugo and everything is amazing.

However, I got some problem when trying to combine hugo with other sites, this is what I did:

  1. Within content folder, creates a folder called games, and a subfolder within for a specific html5 game
  2. In my post, I create link to this game so, /games/thisgame/index.html
  3. run hugo server -D

What I see is that the game page (the index.html) is loaded, but not the javascripts
for example, localhost:1313/games/oracle/index.html (loaded ok with return 200)
But localhost:1313/games/oracle/boot.js fails with 404

However, if I publish the site, I can see that all javascripts are in the right “public” folder and when deployed to live, everything is working.

So looks like the command hugo server gets some problem in recognizing javascripts from third party?

Many Thanks

JS assets go in the /static/ folder of your project. And these are available directly under the root of your domain. eg. some-domain/example.js (static is not used in the URL)