Is any good way to display mind map?

anyone can help me to solve a problem about how to display mind map according to local mind map file

You could use any of the image formats supported by current browsers, e.g. jpg, png, webp. But this has nothing to do with Hugo, I think.

Depending on the diagram format, you may be able to render with Kroki, then embed the resulting image within the rendered page.


thank you,but i wanna some way can translate local .xmind file and display at browser,in other words, i want’t write it again at .md

Sorry, I can’t help you.

xmind files are archives, like a zip file or tar ball, containing multiple files:

├── Thumbnails/
│   └── thumbnail.png
├── content.json
├── content.xml
├── manifest.json
└── metadata.json

And the format is proprietary.

I think you will have to export as PNG (or SVG if you purchased a software license).

thank you , i think so

thank you, that’s a good way