Interpreting shortcode

Learning shortcodes, built in and documented simple examples are fine. Looking thru this theme: and came across the following shortcode that I just can’t parse. Or more specifically how to invoke with the correct positional parameters in an .md file. Have tried {{<bundle-content “foo” “bar”>}} but can’t figure out foo and bar parameters.

Looks like it is retrieving a specific bundle (.Get 0) and then the first match from that bundle based on the second variable (.Get 1)?

{{ $bundle := .Get 0 }}
{{ $match := .Get 1 }}
{{ $page := .Page.Site.GetPage $bundle }}
{{ $page }}
{{ with $page }}
{{ $resource := $page.Resources.GetMatch (printf "**%s*" $match ) }}
{{ with $resource }}
<h3>Resource in shortcode</h3>
<li>Title: {{ .Title }}</li>
<li>Content: {{ .Content }}</li>
<li>Summary: {{ .Summary }}</li>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}

Been poring over the doc including this very good writeup.

Any guidance would be great.



I’m guessing:

  • since they use .GetPage on $bundle (ie .Get 0), it’s probably a page bundle like content/some-bundle/.
  • they use .GetMatch on $match (ie .Get 1), so that is probably a resource inside $bundle.

So to use would probably look like {{< bundle-content "some-bundle" "some-resource" >}}

There should be a link to the theme author’s git repo on the theme page you link to, you might want to ask them directly as well.

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located example under content/pages/about/ that looks like this:

title: 'About'
date: 2018-12-06T09:29:16+10:00
layout: 'aboutlayout'
heroHeading: 'About Us'
heroSubHeading: "Established in 1985, we're a team of advisors that puts your business first."
heroBackground: ''

{{< content-strip-left "/pages/about" "content1" >}}
{{< content-strip-right "/pages/about" "content2" >}}
{{< content-strip-center "/pages/about" "content3" >}}

pages/about is the bundle and the content*.md are the files in the bundle, all under content/

And the content-strip** shortcodes are contained in layouts/shortcodes.

All cleared up. Thanks!