Instructions for Windows install?

You’re welcome. Couple of hints: Start with one of the themes from or the Work from there. If you’re just building a site, that should give you a great start. If you’re working on your own layout or theme, bookmark and ask questions here when you get stuck. Hugo is worth the time spent, plus your questions can help the next person who comes along.

I’m have major issues with running Hugo
I downloaded the win 64 version renamed the exec to hugo.exe.
I also downloaded the source and found a tutorial in there and created the base file structure from it and placed the exec in hugo\bin. Ran hugo help and get; bash: hugo: command not found.
I created a path in the system variables and get the same error. I put hugo.exe in windows system32 folder an still get the same response. Have read all the available docs and tried all suggestions in this forum to no avail.
I have the hugo folder in my F:\ dev server www\hugo. I moved hugo to my C: drive and that did not work either. I rebooted and that did not help. What am I missing here?

You need to put it in your path.

Open command


echo %PATH%

make sure Hugo is in one of the directories listed after running that command

Thanks for the quick reply. Paths in Window can be a daunting experience.
Sometimes the simple things slip by when your in deep like not closing the cmd after making changes. Closed the cmd opened it again and good to go. If ya makin mistake ya ain’t doin nuthin.

I really appreciate your time and help.

Hello community, kinda new to Hugo.

Does PowerShell support Hugo? I read a post (from this site, posted in 2014) that PowerShell didn’t recognized Hugo commands. I don’t have problem with Command Prompt since I can run and create new sites with it, however with PowerShell I always get the error “The term ‘hugo’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.”

Another question, maybe it’s been mentioned on documentation however I didn’t understood it well.

I have downloaded the latest Hugo update (Windows 10, 64-bit), renamed the file to Hugo.exe and put it in my C:\Hugo folder. All my projects are created in that folder, however when I create a new project, I always have to copy that hugo.exe into the project’s folder. If I won’t copy it, then Hugo commands like help aren’t working. Can’t I somehow run it with commands from C:\Hugo instead of copying the .exe into C:\Hugo\myproject and running it from there?

It sounds like you need to add C:\Hugo to your PATH. See this thread on for help on doing that. If all of that sounds foreign to you, see Wikipedia. If you have any other questions, let us know.


you’re not the first one that encoutered that obstacle at the beninning. Here you can find a description why you need to use the PATH environment variable.

Once you understand the concept behind it (unless you have not so far) it should be easy to fix with the links @moorereason provided.

However, could you give us feedback which part of the installation instructions for Windows in the documentation should be more precisely? This could help us to improve the docs.

Oh right, @moorereason & @digitalcraftsman. Basically I did a stupid mistake, when I downloaded Hugo, I had added to my PATH the Desktop path because that’s where I had the file but later I copied my file to C:\ but forgot to change the PATH. Thanks for the fast response. Everything is working now.

After migrate Wordpress to hugo. Hugo make it HTML pages? Because I cannt install it cpanel web hosting.Want run Windows then get html and css upload it web works like this way?

Thank you

Yes, static HTML pages.