Installing galleria in hugo

Hi, related to my request to getting galleria working (Galleria - will not show any content) I have now realized that I have not installed galleria correctly.

Per the instructions below, I need to place galleria in a spot on my web server, I guess in any place where I can get a path to it…

I’m not sure with hugo where I would place galleria:

  1. can I just copy galleria into the root of my repository? Would hugo server barf on that if it was there, or is there another good spot to put it?

ie if the name of my repository is: brownphotographic

then I could place galleria like this: brownphotographic/galleria


  1. do I need to also somehow get the whole galleria folder to publish itself to my public folder each time hugo server is run?

I am assuming something more like the latter? Is there a way of configuring hugo to do this as part of the site build?

Thank you

OK through some sleuthing I think I found the answer:

hugo copies all files in the static folder into the public folder when ‘hugo’ command is run to build the site.

So I placed the whole galleria repository in there… and it published to public. Also per the galleria instructions I added this line to the layouts/partials/head.html file with the correct path to the flickr plugin I am using

I think however I just need the galleria/dist folder to be in the static folder. I will do some more digging.