Installed hugo. Installed template. But localhost:1313 BLANK or ERROR


Had to move and posts folder into content and now it works!

Thank you for the support!

Super excited that I can work now on the web :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope to learn at the time and give back some help to the community

Have a great week!

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@zaesarius Were you able to get everything to work? By the way, you have wrongly configured your site in config.toml.
According to the documentation of Dream Plus:

You don’t have to specify boolean values for the variables images, blur. And also, bgList has been deprecated. Also, I’d like to apologize from my end for not making this clear. It is just a matter of a couple of weeks since the revamp is done. Please hold out till then.

@zwbetz Thanks for your help man. I myself appreciate that. :+1:

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Also, whenever you get stuck, refer to the example config files since most of the times, your issues may be solved by doing that alone.