Install on Debian Linux + Blist theme fail misarably

I believe this suppose to be easy, so far no luck. Docker fails nothing works with the theme being unusable. Try running HUGO using apt which is not working at all. Changing to snapd which suppose to be the latest. No luck either.

The only working version is the one running on my macOS which is a breeze. However, what is it for if it is not able to run on my cloud server?

Maybe someone can share a light?

The target is to run HUGO + Blist theme on my cloud server running Debian 11.

None of these statements are helpful.


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To install Hugo on Debian 11, I download the binary from the Github release page and add it to the path (you’ll find tutorials everywhere online).

With this technique I can even run multiple Hugo versions on the same computer

I’m closing this. Please open another thread where you try to follow Requesting Help.