Inject class into tag

Hi - I’d like to know if there is a way to inject a class into a specific tag.

For Pages, I can see how I could do this to a tag that was meant to be wrapped around markdown content called via {{ .Content }}, via a template.

But how might one inject some class that is meant to go on header or p tags.

If my css framework has something like .responsive-text and I need to be able to do:

<p class="responsive-text">the text</p>

… on all p’s, how might I do that in Hugo?

(realizing of course that I can take whatever the css is for class responsive-text, and re-write it for p’s or whatever, I’d rather not have to override all the framework defaults if I can avoid it.)

It seems like this is not possible now, but please advise if I’m missing the obvious.

This is not possible now.

With Blackfriday, the Markdownd renderer, it has been discussed to do some overriding to get target=_blank on links, I suppose the same could be done with p. But a big could

Thanks @bep