Inheriting tags, categories, misc meta data in Emacs Org mode

Continuing the discussion from Hugo metadata utility:

Reading the above topic, I couldn’t help but mention the beauty of meta-data propagation in Org mode subtrees. I did not draw all the arrows for all the posts nested under different topics, but below should give a gist:

  • All the lines with the green “DONE” prefix are posts titles; just that the entire posts are collapsed. The “DONE” status sets the draft of those posts to false.
  • The @emacs gets exported as emacs category on my blog. The red arrows visualize what all posts get that particular “category”
  • Similarly, the @elisp get exported as elisp category. The blue arrows show that.

Now …

  • If I rename just @emacs with @foo in that screenshot, all those red arrow pointed posts now have foo category instead of emacs.
  • If I remove @emacs, all those posts will stop having emacs as one of the categories.
  • If I change @emacs to just emacs, that emacs “category” will become “tag”.

That’s the beauty of Emacs and Org mode :smile:.