_index.md accessing yaml data

Hello. I was suggested ask here from the wowchemy hugo theme.

The landing page from a _index.md file works great.

I would like to load data for the _index.md from a Hugo data template. But it does not work. Does anyone have a suggestion or alternative? Many thanks.

data/bio.yml file:

    title: Postdoc Researcher
    date_start: '2021-04-01'

_index.md file:

title: About
type: landing
  - block: about.biography
    id: about
      title: About me
      username: admin
  - block: experience
    id: experience
      title: {{ site.Data.bio.experience1.title }}
      date_start: {{ site.Data.bio.experience1.date_start}}

Rework your template to read from the data file.

Thanks @jmooring. This is the template of landing page:

{{/* Load Wowchemy blocks */}}
{{ range $index, $block := .Params.sections }}
{{ partial “functions/parse_block_v2” (dict “page” $ “block” $block) }}
{{ end }}

So, are you suggesting replace the Params.sections for site.Data.bio.?

Yes, override the template.