[howto] link to a .md page without having it show up in homepage?

I’m migrating my old academy page to using wowchemy. I cannot figure out how to link to a .md page from a project index page, without having the .md page show up in home. My folder structure:

- voxelcore
  - index.md # contains what I want to show in project
  - readme.md # has front matter

If I do [readme]({{<relref "readme">}}) , I got error “ref page not found” which I guess is due to this being a leaf folder and only index.md has a valid path? I can link to the readme.md if I use _index.md but then readme shows up as a “project” which I don’t want.

Note, with old hugo academy theme, I can achieve this by tagging readme.md as "hide" , which removes it from homepage. But this tag is not doing anything in wowchemy.

You can add “build” options to the front matter.

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Cool. This works for me:

  list = 'never'
  publishResources = true
  render = 'always'

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