Imported HTML template - hugo doesn't find html files referenced from index.html

Hi all,

continuing from this post:
I’ve watched some tutorials about hugo templates, but I’m stuck again.

I’ve imported an HTML template, copied all html files into layouts and js, css, scss, images into the static folder and I can see the homepage.

In the index.html there are references to other html files e.g. href="./other.html", but I get 404 when I navigate to it, although they reside in the same folder as index.html.

I tried to rename the href location to href=“other.html” and move the other.html into layouts/partials, layouts/_default but nothing has worked.

Why hugo doesn’t find them? How can I fix this?

Could you upload your code to GitHub so we can see it

Thanks for the response!

I have placed all the code under the static folder and now I’m able at least to see all pages. Next step is to modify and move the files to the right places. If I still can’t make it I’ll give more details.