How can I link to another html file?

I know this is really simple and dumb but,

I have an index page at root/layouts/index.html which is of course served when you go to the root url, but if I add a file root/layouts/blah.html I can’t link to blah.html within the index.html with the usual

<a href="blah.html">blah blah</a>

how would I link to another .html file?

Files in ./layouts are templates, so I’m not sure why you’re wanting to link to blah.html.

Instead, you should have some markdown files which will use the template blah.html to build static html pages.

If you want to have a regular HTML file, and not use any templating/layouts for it, it should be put in static/blah.html.

If you want to link within layouts you can construct your URLs manually with the help of Hugo and methods like urlize and path.Join. This is particularly helpful for list pages. But if you just need to link to a page or other anchor such as a heading you’re probably looking for relref.

This appears to be the answer I’m looking for, but I’m not sure what path to put in… I’ve always been a little confused about how hugo treats paths to directories.

I have my main index.html file in ./layouts/index.html and I’m trying to link to another html file ./layouts.blah.html. I’ve tried to link to it with

{{ ref "/layouts/blah.html" }} {{ ref "/layouts/blah.html ." }} {{ relref "/layouts/blah.html" }} {{ relref "/layouts/blah.html" . }} and other combinations of similar things, but I can’t quite figure out.