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Hi everyone I am using the hello-friend-ng, and I am trying to enable share buttons at the end of my blog posts. The theme features include “Support for sharing buttons” but after checking the docs I noticed that there is no information about how to do it.
I found that the theme comes with a sharing-buttons.html file and I have tried copying it and putting it into my own layouts/partials/sharing-buttons.html and I also changed the value of enableSharingButtons to true in my own hugo.toml file. Still no share buttons is appearing, can anyone help me understand what I need to do to enable them.

My Hugo blog repository
Hello-friend-ng repo

Your site configuration needs some work. Many of the parameters that should be under the params key are under instead.

I did not know it at all. I just used the config.toml file provided by the theme author. So moving the to the end of params should be enough?

EDIT: Rearranging the params entries solved the issue. Thanks a lot!

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