Help on Hugo

Hi guys I am having trouble understanding various Hugo terminologies and how they apply to what I am trying to do. I could only understand taxonomies. Any quick tips would be of great help.

Essentially what I am trying to do is:

  1. A home page with a series of “cards”
  2. Each card will have a title, summary, link to detailed page and a bunch of tags
  3. Users (non coders) create such cards which get automatically added to template
  4. I am hoping tags can be generated based on taxonomies given
  5. Click on tag should take to a page that has cards filtered on that (such as Toyota)
  6. The usual about and other such pages, mostly static

So what are the various things such as archtypes, page bundles etc that map to this? Sorry for this stupid question but the documentation, while detailed goes the other way - explains what each one is but at least to me, not clear.

This is too big question for us to answer. You really need to look at the documentation, look at other sites, try to understand the product. If you have concrete problems/questions, please start a new thread.