Image block attribute disappears with 0.123.x

Consider the following skeletal project .zip file named test-site once unziped.

The homepage contains the following:

![My site](some-path)

If I generate the site using Hugo 0.122.0 or 0.123.7, then the image element includes the class name:

<img src="some-path" alt="My site" class="logo">

Now uncomment the following line in hugo.yaml:

languages: {en: {languageName: English}}

And regenerate using 0.122.0, then we get the same result. But with Hugo 0.123.7, the <img> class attribute disappears.

Is the a feature or a bug?


This is a bug, and I know what’s causing the failure. Will fix tonight or tomorrow. Until we roll another release, you can do this in site config:

duplicateResourceFiles = true # default is false

But make a note somewhere to roll that back after the fix is pushed.


Fixed in v0.123.8.


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