ignoreFiles and i18n: expected behavior?

Is ignoreFiles one of the restrictions on a theme component?

Due diligence:

Search the forum :mag:

There does not appear to be an existing topic to address this question.

Read the docs, because they are good and a lot of work goes into them. Then read them again.

The docs for theme folders and configuration are generally helpful (and much appreciated), but unspecific about the behavior of ignoreFiles with content in i18n/.

Generally speaking, let us know:
what you were doing or what you tried,

I tried adding a non-translation, non-TOML file to i18n/ as part of the Kubernetes CI/CD system for PR review and approval.

what you expected

That when running hugo server the build process would observe that:

The site contains other subfolder OWNERS files (for example, content/en/OWNERS) and renders without complaint. It is the specific addition of i18n/OWNERS that causes the build to fail.

what actually happened

Error: Failed to load translations in file "OWNERS": failed to unmarshal OWNERS: unsupported file extension

Include a link to the source code repository of your project, because we really need the context of seeing your templates and partials to be able to help you.

Repo: GitHub - kubernetes/website: Kubernetes website and documentation repo:

The specific PR: [WIP] Add i18n/OWNERS, update aliases by zacharysarah · Pull Request #10888 · kubernetes/website · GitHub

Use the --verbose switch on hugo server to produce more details on the command line including about errors.

$ hugo server --verbose
Error: "[...]/website/i18n/OWNERS:1:1": failed to load translations: failed to unmarshal OWNERS: unsupported file extension

Include the output of hugo env from the command line, or any other relevant versions.

$ hugo env
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.50/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

See https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/4872