I want to share my new theme with the comunity

Hi all comunity,
I have made a new theme for my own use that I want to share with you.

Actually Arberia Theme it’s in beta stage and some little features must be updated.

Repository link: https://github.com/antedoro/Arberia-master
Demo site: https://arberiatheme.netlify.app/

Please tell me if you like it.



Nice! I love the different layouts, the search result highlighting, and the overall care you put into this theme, thanks for sharing!

I spotted two minor issues:

  • the search form in the sidebar seems to be broken: the search terms are not transfered/applied on the search page
  • the landing page layout needs some care too

I’m maintaining a jamstack / hugo theme repository at jamstack.club, please feel free to submit your theme and I will add it right away to the list.

All the best, cheers

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Thanks for the reply.

Search bar: I am looking for someone to help me solve the searchbar problem. Unfortunately I am a newbie with javascript so if someone can help me I apreciate.

The landing page problem I can solve myself.

About sharing
I want the theme to remain free. Can you tell me if the themes on jamstack.club remain free?
If yes I will upload the theme on jamstack and https://themes.gohugo.io/ as soon as it is finished.


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This theme is really neat!

Thank you SO MUCH for putting it together!

Yes, themes published on jamstack.club stay free, and theme authors keep complete ownership of their creations

The first image in your demo is missing.

I see it regularly.
Try again please