I think I found a bug in hugo

Hey guys I’m having a really weird issue and I think it might be a bug with hugo.

I am loading a csv file and doing a range on it and it works great.

The problem is if I edit the csv file it does not reflect the changes in hugo, I’ve tried using various commands like disableFastaRender gc renderToMemory forceSyncStatic and nothing seems to work.

Clearing my browsers cache and starting and stopping the server also does not work for some reason.

The only way I managed to get it to update was to go into the the var folder where it seems to copy the csv file and delete it.

Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a bug? If so let me know so I can make a github issue for it.

Thanks again.

Try the --ignoreCache flag

@alexandros is correct, but you are also correct in saying that this is something we should improve. I think we have an issue about, at least it is a known restriction. This is the same with the getJSON methods; it caches the result and kind of assumes it is kind of static.

I would not call it a bug, as it it behaves as designed, but we should improve on it.

Yeah using ignoreCache makes the page return a 404 which is odd as well, I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware of the issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We are, and have a note in the data template doc. :slight_smile:

Yeah I did that and I was getting a 404 on the page I was loading the csv, I moved it from the directory to the root and now it works with the --ignoreCache flag.