I cannot create an About Me or Contact Page

To create an about me page, I created an “about” folder in the “content” folder and created an “index.md” file in this folder.

To design this page, I created an “about” folder in the “layouts” folder and created “index.html” in this folder.

According to what I read and understand in the documentation, the “index.html” code should work when I enter the about url of my site, but it does not work.

Can you help me if I am doing something wrong somewhere or if I misunderstood the documentation?

Change index.html to single.html.

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Sorry, it’s still not working.

When I do as you say, when I enter my site address example.com/about/, it gives 404, but when I enter example.com/about/single/, the screen comes up.

I want the screen to work example.com/about/

You can also just put about.html in the content directory.

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The renaming is for the layout not the content.

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A single page in the root of the site (a leaf bundle is also a single page) has:

Type = page
Kind = page
Section = 

Which means you cannot place its single page template in a layouts/about/ directory and expect it to work.


Do this:

title = 'About'
date = 2022-12-08T07:36:59-08:00
draft = false
layout = 'about'

The lookup order will be:


I was referring to the layout, not content.

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Yes, but I think the original poster misread it and made the change to the content.

P.S. And I misused the reply functionality.

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