Hyde theme: how to prevent an individual post from displaying in home menu?

hi guys. i use the hyde theme (which is amazing) except that it displays all posts in the home section. i have one specific post that i’ve protected through .htaccess, and i don’t want the contents of it being displayed in the home menu because that completely defeats the purpose of .htaccess.
basically, the post url is https://my-example-hugo-site/posts/about/aboutme.md/
that page is protected through .htaccess
but hyde automatically takes the contents and displays them on the homepage ( https://my-example-hugo-site/

any ideas? thanks for the help

I don’t know the Hyde theme that well, but you could add some front matter to aboutme.md and change the range on the homepage. You said “home menu,” so are you talking about the site navigation or the homepage. For example, in your about.md, add the following:

removefromlists: true

Then in your themes/layouts/index.html, just modify the range a bit from

{{ range .Data.Pages }}

… to something more like

{{range where .Data.Pages ".Params.removefromlists" "!=" true}}

But I’m not sure this is what you’re asking. I need some clarity on what you’re trying to change w/r/t the menu vs the homepage content. I assume it’s the latter. Cheers.