Humanize only capitalise 1st letter and nothing else in the paragraph

Hi there,

Hugo humanize seems to only capitalise 1 letter in the whole paragraph, my expectation was for it to humanize the whole paragraph and not just first letter of the 1st line. here is a minimal repo of the issue

Also using humanize add additional letter P at the beginning and end of each paragraph?

Wondering what it is?


Your expectation is incorrect.

Returns the humanized version of an argument with the first letter capitalized.

And we’re not going to change that.


Hi @jmooring

Got it, so it will not be useful to apply to .Content.

Is there another available option in Hugo which can humanize a whole page of content?

And what’s up with the addition of P at the beginning and end of each paragraph when using humanize


No. Find another way.

The argument to humanize function is <p>some paragraph</p>. The first and last letters of this string are p.


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